Your Hosts

The lads at the After Dark Podcast Network are a talented bunch of blokes who are highly entertaining and have a ton of insider knowledge about Disney. There’s nothing quite like listening to drunks  knowledgeable Disney fans chatting about all the latest news, insider tips, park developments as well as anything and everything else Disney. With many, many trips to all the different parks under their belts, your hosts have a wealth of experience when it comes to the parks as well as having stayed on property. So you can expect reviews on hotels as well as restaurants and any place that serves beer.

If anyone would like to join as a guest host or become a permanent member of the team, it’s worth mentioning that anyone with the name Paul will be automatically approved to join.

Paul Dolan

Name: Paul Dolan
Age: The Mike Scopa of Dis After Dark. If life begins at 40 I’m 12. I come from: Originally Glasgow, Scotland but now West Sussex.  I joined the show: Joined the show about episode 7 after meeting Nick and Paul B through the auditions for another podcast. We were the rejects.

Favourite alcoholic drink: . Favourite drink is lots, but Cider including flavoured varieties is my current tipple of choice, I like Glyva which is a whiskey liqueur and the odd Margarita on holiday.  Favourite Disney Park: Favourite Park is a tough one I love them all but the Studios at night cannot be beaten. I love the old Hollywood theming and I love Movies. It will be a bit bare for a while but then Star Wars Land!!!!!!  Disney Pet Peeve: Shutting down Disney Quest and before shutting it down getting rid of the genie in the elevator and the Cheesecake Factory.  Disney Princess I’d like to have ‘dealings’ with: Disney Princess I’d like to have dealings with – Princes Leia, hah you never saw that coming, did you? But not the episode 7 one even if she is more my age I want to remember her as she was in the Return of the Jedi in Jabba’s palace and the metal bikini…..I can feel a disturbance in the force………..


Paul Boniface Coming soon!

Nic Branch

Name: Nic (Nicholas) “Soapdish” Branch
Age: 32 Actual, 15 mentally.  I come from: London/Essex boundaries I joined the show: Show 0 (which became episode 1, series 1). Favourite alcoholic drink: Gosh, well it depends on the day. A Gin and Slim, and IPA (Sierra Nevada is a favourite there), Mojito, A Gentleman Jack, Disaronno (with Cherry / Regular Pepsi Max) and a Pornstar Martini. I would have just said a Soapdish Screwball, a cocktail I invented as a Cocktail Barman back in the day, but alas it is not patented yet. Favourite Disney Park: I have only visited two, both are special for different reasons, but Paris I have visited the most so Disneyland Park Paris. Disney Pet Peeve: I have two. 1) People getting Euro/Disneyland/Disney World wrong and acting like you are the one with the problem for pulling them up. 2) Their treatment of my beloved Tron.  Disney Princess I’d like to have ‘dealings’ with: Hmm….. Merida would be feisty. Her for that reason, but Belle for looks.


Craig Lucas

Name: Craig Lucas

Age: 42
I come from: Liverpool (centre of the Universe & anyone not from here is a Blurt or a woolly back).
I joined the show: In the back ground to start with, after Your Mousecast folded, I was looking for a home. I’m basically the Twitter person, who puts a rocket under the rest of the boys arses.
Favourite alcoholic drink: I adore single malt whiskey & GlenFarclas is my malt of choice.
Favourite Disney Park: Magic Kingdom because of the girls & the magic it creates all by its self.
Disney Pet Peeve: I can’t abide Disney snobs, the arseholes whose opinion is the right opinion & yours is wrong. I basically came out of Disney Fan Groups on social media because on the whole it’s balloon heads trying to one up you all the time. I call them two sheds. “You’ve got one shed, I’ve got two”
Disney Princess I’d like to have ‘dealings’ with: ” I don’t have a favourite Disney Princess, I adore them all! Me a paddling pool, all Princesses & a bucket of mud & I’m good to go!


Paul Washington

Name: Paul, Paul 3 (or is it 4, 5 or 6….?), Bert.
Age: 31 I come from: Croxley Green in Hertfordshire but I live in Nottingham. I Joined the show: A day ago (10/01/2016). Favourite alcoholic drink: Cider – any brand, any flavour, with or without ice, by the bucket load. Am also partial to rum and coke; that’ll be the pirate side of me coming out…. Favourite Disney Park: California Adventure. It has a really laid back feel, a bit of extra space and quiet areas for a truly chilled out theme park experience. Disney Pet Peeve: People obstructing views, be it kids pushing in where there’s no space, being on parents shoulders or iPads and cameras waaaay above people’s heads. It’s not difficult – find your spot, stay put and don’t be an idiot.  Disney Princess I’d like to have ‘dealings’ with: Merida as I’m partial to redheads, and also Elsa. Just cause she’s hot. Well, she isn’t…but you know what I mean.


Christopher Ripley

Name: Christopher Ripley

Age: 32

I come from: Kent, UK.
I Joined the show: 2015
Favourite alcoholic drink: Proper cider
Favourite Disney Park: Disneyland CA – original and best!
Disney Pet Peeve: Queues and crowds!
Disney Princess I’d like to have ‘dealings’ with: Dealings? As a kid I wondered what would happen if Ariel’s shells fell off but as a grownup I don’t mind Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent, she can come fly around my garden anytime…