HHN 26 Icon Chance – Special effects makeup and we talk all things HHN !


With the fantastically crazy Chance taking over this year’s Halloween Horror Nights ( and being one of my favourite HHN characters OF ALL TIME)
I thought, what better way to celebrate the occasion, than getting dressed up, have my super talented sister apply my makeup, drink a BUNCH of Coronarita and put it on YouTube !
So off we went to Asda (the UK’s answer to Walmart for my American friends) to grab some strange materials like a large men’s t shirt, some tights and a child’s bathing suit.
Armed with my camera, Ashlee’s special effects makeup kit, cocktails and my trusty book The Complete Survivor’s Guide to Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 2016 by Christopher Ripley (which you can find HERE),
 we began our night of costume making, makeup applying, Wayne’s World referencing and KISS singing.
You can find part 1 here


and part 2 here

Ashlee has also created other amazing looks such as HHN’s Jack, Twisty the clown, Captain Spaulding and Mystique. Check out the rest of her work Here

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Amanda x


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