Coming tomorrow ! Florida for first timers – mini blog series introduction


HELLO LOVELY BLOG READERS and welcome to my new mini series of blogs.
I’ve decided to write this mini series, because although I’m a pretty seasoned Florida visitor (I’ve been visiting since 1992 either every year or every other year for the most part) there was a point when I hadn’t visited for a couple of years. Things had changed and each of my past trips had been with my parents.
It was time for me to go it alone….well pretty much alone … with my other half who had never even left England before. It was exciting and scary in equal measures and I didn’t have a clue where to start. I read endless posts on endless forums and started to feel a little overwhelmed (but obviously still INCREDIBLY excited)


Now, this may not be your first time. You, like me, may have spent some time away from the sunshine state. Maybe you didn’t feel that you got the most of your holiday last time ? Or maybe you’d just like to see how others do Florida.
I talk to people every day who have booked their holiday, but have no clue what an esta is, they’re feeling nervous about getting around in Florida (car hire, taxis, shuttles, buses etc..), they have no clue what kind of tickets to buy or turn up with a 14 day unlimited Universal, Sea World, Busch Gardens & Disney ticket and even a Gatorland ticket thrown in for good measure… and no plan. (Which is perfectly fine if you love a bit of spontaneity. Everyone holidays/vacations differently. Your holiday is about you doing you, and these tips won’t suit everyone).
Growing up, my Florida trips were planned with almost military precision by my dad. He always made sure that we had a plan for every day. Where to go for breakfast, which park, which fast passes, which shows/parades at what times, where to eat, what to do in the night, as well as a plan B for all of the above. Whilst I’m a little more laid back, I still like to make sure I get the most out of my visits because who knows when it could be my last (yeah right).


I’m going to break this blog series up into chunks so that it’s easier to read, digest and easily find the information that you’re looking for.
Here’s some topics that I’ll be covering
When to go


Where to stay



Who to fly with, where to fly to
Esta, API and other flight related topics
Parks and tickets
Getting around Florida (Car hire, shuttles, buses, I ride etc)


Planning Planning Planning! Park plans, ADRs, Dining plan, fastpass, express pass, magic bands , useful apps & things I wouldn’t miss.


Things to do outside of the parks
Florida for little ones
Florida for adults


Annual events overview


General tips



Plus anything that you guys feel needs to be added, as well as great tips from our fab Dis After Dark podcast guys !


I’ll release one blog each Tuesday, starting tomorrow. So until then …SEE YA REAL SOON !

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