Book signing for My Love for Disney book

Recently (this past weekend) I had the privilege of doing my first book signing at the local book store, Book World.

This past week has been incredible. I had a radio interview, then I was in a parade, then the book signing and then the live show with Sean and Jay.

Driving in front of the mall ad seeing my name on the marquee was a huge thrill. I was so excited I had to have my photo taken in front of it.

I showed up around 10:30am for my signing and there was a table set up for me with some chairs. I started setting up my table with these cute stickers I had made and book marks and my cards and books. I also set out some candy. I was told to bring a water bottle and so I did.

There was another Author doing his signing as well. Kenneth V. Bloom. He sat across from me and was very nice.

It was pouring down the rain and the roof on the mall has these huge sunlight’s. The sound of the heavy down pour made the moment even that much magical.

I had a wonderful time speaking with people about my book. There were even people coming in that I had not seen since my college years.

At first I was very nervous but after a few minutes that feeling went away. I had so much fun getting my story out to people.

I honestly can say I felt I spread a little magic this past weekend.

This has opened many doors for me and I will certainly have more signings.

Thank you for reading.

If you are interested in checking out my book you may go to


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