Finding food at the parks when you’re a picky eater !

There’s only one thing that makes me panic when I’m planning my trips to Orlando …. 

food !

I’ll start this off by saying that I don’t eat meat ( & the only seafood that I like is Shrimp) I don’t think that that has much baring on my FOPF (fear of park food) it’s more that I feel like some of the parks are a little lacklustre in the food department.

I also find that I get a severe case of Hanger when I’m furiously walking around the park in circles trying to find something nice and quick that isn’t just fries ! (Hangry = Hungry Anger)

In most of the table service restaurants I don’t have this problem so evening meals aren’t such an issue. It’s the lunch time quick service restaurants that strike fear into my heart !!

Although I’ve spent 24 years visiting these parks, I am still for some reason surprised when I see a place themed as an Italian restaurant, then I am greeted inside with the same burger and chicken nugget options I’ve seen in the last 10 food places I’ve walked by.

In the last few years I’ve developed my own way to cope with this FOPF.

Here they are …

Have a good breakfast ! 

When I’m in the UK, i am NOT morning person, and the thought of eating so early in the morning makes me feel sick ( I know, I’m naughty, breakfast is the most important meal of the day !)
But when you’re a theme park food hater, needs must !
So whether it’s eating at your hotel, grabbing some toast or cereal at your villa, or stopping off at IHOP on your way to the park, breakfast is a winner !

Starbucks snacks !

On our last trip i discovered the absolute wonder that is an egg, spinach and feta cheese wrap at Starbucks. It is DELIGHTFUL, couple it with a coffee and you’re good until the afternoon !

Themed snacks.

My all time favourite (and super filling snack) is a huge Cinnamon roll at Gaston’s tavern. They’re so big, that I’m sure they’re made to share but I take down that giant cinnamon-y beast by myself and I’m good until later afternoon.

Citywalk !

If you’re at the Universal Parks, this is super easy. Just head out into CityWalk where there is a plethora of awesome places to go for something quick – Panda Express and Breadbox are perfect for an on the go bite to eat, and Cowfish is great if you have a little more time to spare.

Book your ADRs wisely !

I’d rather book an ADR for lunch because I know that the table service restaurants tend to fill up during lunch time with families that may leave the park earlier. Yak & Yeti is my go to table service to get a reservation for in Animal Kingdom, Mama Melrose is another I always make sure to get in Hollywood Studios. At Epcot, I play “Amanda vs Food” and try to tackle the GIGANTIC pizzas at Via Napoli. (FYI food always wins….)

and I try my best to get reservations at Be Our Guest so that I can enjoy my kids grilled cheese sandwich meal ! Which brings me to my next point

Order from the kids menu.

Kids can be picky, I’m picky… So sometimes I find a little golden nugget, like Macaroni cheese or a mini pizza and I’ve gone from the Incredible Hulk back to a pleasant Snow White in 10 minutes

Pack some snacks !

If I feel a hanger moment coming on, I just grab a mini pack of cookies from my bag and my family gets a brief break from my moaning about food

The Simpsons food court.

There’s plenty of choices in here, so even the pickiest of eaters will find something that they like !


Okay, Food and Wine festival is my absolute dream ! If I know I’m going to F&W, I fill myself with snacks through the day then binge eat across the world in the evening ! I could spend $20+ on a veggie burger and fries for the 1000th time this holiday, or I could spend that $20 on four or five samples of genuinely delicious foods from across the world, which will fill me the same as a normal meal. F&W is a winner !

Here’s some pics of me enjoying my Food and Wine munchies 

Now you may notice that SeaWorld isn’t mentioned on this list.
That’s because I never seem to have this problem at SeaWorld,  Seaport Pizza and the Seafire in, both situated on the waterfront serve some great dishes !

I’m not saying that all park food sucks, my boyfriend, sister and brother in law always enjoy their meals at the parks. I am just a little picky one, and if I can help out a fellow picky eater with some options I’ll be happy !

I’m always on the look out for some new places at the parks to try, so if you have any recommendations, pop over to my Facebook or Twitter page and let me know !

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