Jungle Book review – A best seller or plulp fiction?

Going back a couple of months I was not overly looking forward to seeing the Jungle Book.  I love the original animated version, as do many, and the recent fashion for Disney live action recreations has been patchy.
I saw the trailer and it looked alright but again did not grip me.  Then the reviews started coming out and were overwhelmingly positive.  Even my favorite film critic Mark Kermode (hello to Jason Isaacs) was very positive about it.
Right, I thought, if its good enough for Mr Kermode its good enough for me so off I went with Mrs D and we squeezed into a packed cinema at our local World of Cine (other cinemas are of course available).
Did I like it?  Yes I thought it was very good.
The story is essentially the same as the animated version but with a bit more depth as to Mowgli’s back story and the reasons why Shere Khan wants him as a pub snack.  The jungle graphics are spectacular and the CGI characters are excellent for the most part, especially Baloo and King Louie, once or twice I felt they were a bit false or unnatural but I am being picky again.  The use of music is very clever with touches of the original songs and music for the most part and one almost full on song from King Louie.

One watch out, this film is scary in parts and you should think twice about talking very young kids.
Overall I did not feel it totally lived up to its hype from the reviews, I was expecting a 9 out of 10 but it is a solid 8, so no complaints.  I guess I just built up my expectations a little too much.  The end credits are very clever and worth staying for and my only spoiler is that you don’t need to stay to the very end as there is no bonus scene.
Good job Disney, everybody wanna be like you hoo hoo.  

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