Universal Studios Virtual Theme Park

Universal Studios
Virtual Theme Park
Opens 2017
What has E.T. Adventure, Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, Kang & Kodos Twirl ‘n’ Hurl, MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack, Revenge of The Mummy & Woody WoodPecker Nuthouse Coaster all got in common?
Non of them are screen based rides. Everything else in Universal Studios is or will be once they open & quite frankly that’s a disgrace. I like the thrill of the wind in my hair of Rip Ride, I adore shooting aliens & looking out over the Park whilst on Twirl & Hurl. E.T. & Pecker are pants, only joking both have a special place in my heart for theming & memories with my girls. The Mummy whilst indoors is just awesome.
Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the screen based rides in Universal & Islands, in fact Spider Man, Potter 1 & 2 & Transformers are all in my Top 10 rides in the world but enough is enough.
I no longer need to fly 9 hours to Orlando to go to Universal, all they have to do is sign a deal with Odeon Cinemas in the UK (Other Cinema chains are available) & I can go & sit in their 4D chairs & relive all the best that Universal has to offer. Heck I don’t even need to do that! Universal has my email address, just email me YouTube links to the rides & I won’t even need to put my Pants on!
Get back to basics Universal Studios Florida before people find a reason to stop going to the parks! I sat for 40 minutes inside Minions in October because the screen 3D was out of sync & they had to reset it. Had they spent some money on a dark Minion ride it would never have happened! That’s 40 minutes I’ll never get back.
This week I’m lucky enough to be guesting on my favourite Theme Park Podcast, Disney Brit? Naaaaaa, The 97% Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast, the single greatest Universal Podcast & my number 4 favourite podcast behind Tell Em Steve Dave, Hollywood Babble On & The Archers! Don’t judge me! Lee is hosting the 1st ever Producers Club Round Table & I’m gonna be on it begging Universal to draw a line over lazy ride planning.
Subscribe to UUOP here & tweet the little round headed gimp here.


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