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Dis After Dark’s Top Disney Beverages… 

If you want to know all the best beverags, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic that you can find in all US Disney parks, you’ve come to the right place – we love our drink here! Guess we better since our podcast is set in a pub…

The following will give you a list of each of these drinks with short descriptions and the place where you can exactly find them. Enjoy your preferred Disney drink with this handy guide and let us know in the comments how many of these 50 you have tried!

1. PB&J Soda – this is a sparkling mixture of delicious soda drink that actually looks like your favorite grape soda although it has a twist of delicious peanut butter included. Check this novelty beverage glass at Carnation Café, Disneyland Park!

2. Boysen Apple Chill/Freeze – if you want the latest treat in Fantasy Faire, Disneyland Park, this apple flavored drink is the best option. The perfectly blended icy apple mix also contains passion fruit and wild berry toppings for a delicious treat!

3. Dole Whip – this is not your ordinary float available on both coasts. The classic blend offers a novelty beverage glass of pineapple-flavored drink with whip float on top! A Disney MUST DO!

4. Root-Beer Float – if you want to enjoy a good sip of your root beer flavored float, you can check out Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor located in Disneyland Park. During parade time, this is absolutely the choice of many guests since it has the smoothest root beer in the house!

5. Caramel Macchiato – looking for the best caffeinated caramel blend in a Disney Park? Then you can visit Jolly Holiday Bakery Café for a delicious goodness of caramel macchiato. Dick Van Dyke approves! (Well probably…)

6. Rose-Petal Soda – for ladies non-alcoholic drinks, the rose soda available at Carthay Circle Restaurant and Lounge is the ultimate choice. It offers completely different soda drink with a twist of sugar-glazed, edible rose petal from a local source. Now did Al Murray say “glass of rose for the lady” or “glass of rosé for the lady”?

7. Ramone’s Pear – this is actually a dice soda with desert pear blended into iced mojito. You can have this novelty drink at the Cozy Cone Motel located in California Adventure Park.

8. Mango Madness – when you happen to visit Schmoozies at the Disney California Adventure Park, don’t miss your chance to taste their specialty. The Mango Madness will give you a novelty cup filled with low-fat yogurt, bananas, peaches, orange, passion fruit, guava, pineapple, and mangoes bits and juices!

9. Quake Shake – dining at the Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop? Be sure to enjoy a full-chocolate blend of Quake Shake that also boasts vanilla iced cream and peanut butter. You can also choose from their 6 various versions with peanut butter as the main ingredient. DE-licious!!

10. Twisted Cheshire Blends – if you’re in Disney’s California Adventure particularly at the Mad T Party, there’s no way not to try their twisted Cheshire drinks. They are perfectly blended with the finest flavors such as mandarin orange juices to give you the best sweet treats ever!

11. Louisiana Lemonade – you can find this at the Mint Julep Bar for your favorite raspberry and mango puree blended with sprite and lemonade. This is particularly popular among restaurant diners at Disneyland Park. Try it with a glow-stick at Blue Bayou and watch the pirate ships sail by…

12. Wild Berry Lemonade – for those who are looking for a delicious treat of wild berry lemonade, they can find it at Carthay Circle. This is an excellent choice for refreshing drinks with an unforgettable tasty flavour!

13. Pomegranate Limeade – if you’re simply looking for a flavored vodka drink, check out Cozy Cone’s Pomegranate Limeade. It’s filled with delicious goodness of pomegranate fruit mixed in an icy vodka glass.

14. Citrus Swirl – this can be found at the Tiki Room with finely sweetened citrus and yummy float. Satisfy your craving for sweet treats with the Citrus Swirl and you will definitely want for more!

15. Chimay Blue – served in Magic Kingdom’s Be Our Guest. This is described as the “dark Belgian” strong beer perfectly brewed by the popular Trappist Monks with dried and spiced fruit along with bits of light caramel. It was also the VERY FIRST alcoholic beverage to be served in the Magic Kingdom… Walt’s frozen head will be spinning!!

16. California Screamin’ – at the famous Cover Bar, you will find great options for your all-time favorite cocktail drinks including the Tower of Terror. There are so many cocktails to choose from when you visit this bar.

17. The Santa Monica – Found at the California Grill’s bar at the Contemporary Resort, this cocktail is this writer’s absolute favorite. A mixture of Hendrick’s gin and strawberry cider – lush! The color of the drink is to be enjoyed at sunset where as the Florida sun sets over the busy flat horizon the color of the drink is meant to be reminiscent of the sun setting at Santa Monica Beach. You HAVE to try this, go make an ADR now…

18. Zombie – offered by Cover Bar, this is a sweet and super boozy cocktail drink with camouflage colors with the perfect ingredients of grenadine, orange juice, pineapple, blue curacao, coconut rum, and dark/light rum. A perfect drink to have while chilling out at Disney’s California Adventure. In the words of Jeremy Clarkson “some say” that the drink is a secret, but it isn’t, go find it…

19. Gin and Tonic – order your favorite gin and tonic at Carthay Circle mixed with mint cardamom, star anise, tonic, and Hendricks. This novelty beverage drink will surely lighten up your day at Disney’s California Adventure.

20. Scotch Mist – this drink is actually the favorite drink of Walt Disney. It’s a black and white scotch ultimately served with ice and lemon peel. You can get it at Carthay Circle in Disney’s California Adventure or just ask any bartender worth his/her weight in any of the WDW Resort bars to make it especially for you.

21. Coffee Cocktails – if you want to avoid the booze, you can have a good drink at the Napa Rose lounge. They offer wide range of cocktails including the spirit-forward ones with rye blends.

22. Tiki Cocktails – the famous Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar in Disneyland or Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto at WDW will surely sum up your drinking experience. They have perfect mixes of aged rums, cinnamon, Falernum, and tropical juices to match your taste. Try to order the ones that set off the various cool animatronics or special effects. My favorite is the Krakatoa Punch with volcano glass, and always remember it is served with… “THREE SHOTS OF RUM!”

23. Sazerac – when chilling out at the Napa Rose, don’t forget to experience their special Sazerac. It has rye and cognac blend for the finest cocktail experience during your Disneyland park adventure!

24. Carthay Manhattan – obviously, this is offered only at the Carthay Circle that is very popular among Disney drinkers. The ice sphere will surely revive your taste buds and drinking experience with well-balanced cocktail drinks.

25. Fun-Wheel Cocktail – at the Cover Bar, you need to taste their Fun-Wheel cocktail drink and be the judge. It’s essentially blended with x rated vodka and lemon foam for an ultimate Adios MF novelty beverage in Disneyland!

There’s usually lots of different wine to try at Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival – what an apt name!

26. Karl Strauss beer – if you’re in Downtown Disney at DLR and happen to visit Karl Strauss’ beer truck, don’t miss a good sip of their beer blends to excite your buds. They have the perfect brews of booze that you need while touring around Disneyland.

27. Snake Bite – Ah, the British university students’ staple, we’ve all got drunk on these right? Well incase you need a hit of that weird combo of cider and beer you can find it at Epcot’s Rose and Crown, ahem, Dis After Dark’s US branch.

28. Schweitzer Slush – This new Magic Kingdom beverage can be found at the brand new Skipper Canteen. This appley glass of amazingness contains frozen boba balls (like fish eggs) that are all severed in a souvenir copper tankard (if stocks are available!!)

29. LeFou’s brew – Seriously you NEED to try this, but only a sip, as anything more than a sip can induce a sugar induced rush that lasts about 7 days – who needs alcohol?   It can be found within Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasy Land expansion.

30. Alfresco Tasting Terrace – Ok so this one is a restaurant in California Adventure BUT it serves wine made by Walt Disney’s Daughter Diane Disney Miller, who sadly passed away a few years ago, but is still made by her immediate family. Plus, the place also serves wine made by current Disney legend and all-round great guy, John Lasseter. But there’s more, it also features wine made by former Disney TV Executive Richard Frank and another by Disney’s Davy Crockett star Fess Parker. You need to at least try one of each, rude not to eh?

31. Cool-headed Monkey – A drink served in a monkey’s head, what’s not to love? You can find this beauty at the newly opened Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar in Disney Springs. Weirdly, at the time of writing, this appears to be the only drink with a novelty glass actually in stock.

32. The Four Provinces – 4 pints of beer, yes please! Containing: Guinness, Smithwicks, Harp, and Kilkenny beers. Available from Ragland Road at Disney Springs.

33. Lapu Lapu – You can find this rum-tastic cocktail from the Polynesian Village’s Tambu Lounge. Served in an actual hollowed out pineapple, you can sit back and watch the queue for Ohana’s grow and grow.

34. Maelstrom Margarita – Maelstrom is gone, ‘Frozen’ is here – stop mourning! But you can still find some hints of Epcot’s past from La Cava del Tequila in the Mexico pavilion with a nod to deceased rides past. All hail Frozen and it’s glorious new regime!!

35. Burnt Orange – Ever walked over to Walt Disney World’s Dolphin Resort? No? Well other the great rooms and amenities, there is Todd English’s bluezoo – which is a great local away from the heavy crowds that serves some amazing cocktails. This crème brulee of beverages is a fantastic fusion brew that you need to seek out!

36. Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup – Available from Epcot’s Le Cellier all year round or in cups during the Food and Wine Festival. Us Brits invented the Cup-a-Soup!! But we’re good, you can keep this invention!! But we’ll keep this soup…

37. Big Island Iced Tea – Available from various locations around WDW, including Typhoon Lagoon, this iced tea is no old ladies drink, it’s a posh vodka and coke: lush.

38. La Fin du Monde Ale – Heady, cloudy and packs a punch – like any true lumberjack, get your serving at the Canada Pavilion in Epcot.  “I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay….”

39. Blue Milk – “Mmmm, milk that is blue you require now”. The must do non-alcoholic drink of choice for all Star Wars fanatics, I mean fans. Available in what’s left of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, this washing powder looking beverage is actually nicer than it looks, and nearly makes the $100 a day park ticket seem worthwhile! 

40. Old Fashioned – No its not what you think, it’s a strong whiskey based cocktail available from Belle Vue Lounge at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn. 

41. Bay Lake Sunset – Okay so you need to wangle a DVC membership to try this one from the Top of the World Lounge at Bay Lake Towers, but if you can get up there, you should try this classy cocktail. This silky smooth mixture of coconuts, pineapples, rum and vodka will get you drunk without even knowing it; just mind your step right up there! 

42. Avocado Margarita – Yes finally for you Whole Foods freaks out there, there’s now a healthy* cocktail for you! Located at the La Cava del Tequila in Epcot, this drink mixes tequila with actual avocadoes. (* = Just because it has avocado in it, it does not mean it is healthier than any other drinks.) 

43. Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshake – Find this Disney Hollywood Studios mainstay from the 50’s Prime Time Café and hey, it’s a second reason to go to the Studios right now! 

44. Grand Marnier Slush – Whilst in Epcot you need to head over to Les Vins des Chefs de France and try a Slush-Puppie with punch. Did America get Slush-puppies in the 80s too? 

45. Chocolate Martini – A chocoholics’ perfect drink, booze and chocolate. Find this no-brainer concoction within the Ale and Compass in Disney’s Yacht Club Resort. 

46. Cotton Candy Martini – Talking of concoctions, what would you get if you combined cotton candy and rum? Well you don’t need Dr. Frankenstein to figure this one out; you just need to pop down to the T-Rex Restaurant at Disney Springs. 

47. Kenyan Press Pot Coffee – Found at Jiko, buried within the depths of the Animal Kingdom Lodge, this is the best coffee on property right now. 

48. Starbucks You Are Here Mugs – Buy one, stick some tea/coffee in it and dunk some biscuits in. Yes I said biscuits, not cookies. 

 49. Plum Wine – Try it, you won’t be disappointed, then go have lunch in Teppan Edo in Epcot’s Japan Pavilion. 

50. Butterbeer – Wait, what now? 

Disneyland’s Louisiana Lemonade

 “Time gentleman please” shouts the Landlord, that’s it for now, be sure to check back for other great insights or listen to our podcast here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/dis-after-dark-disney-podcast/ 

 And remember please drink and holiday RESPONSIBLY

And we didn’t even mention the infamous Glowtini once, oh wait, darn….


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