Podcast Of The Week

Podcast of the Week

The Unexplained


Howard Hughes


I discovered & fell in love with this show way back in December 2009, it was an episode about John Lennon & his Potential pact with the Devil. Please click on the link to be directed to iTunes. I was hooked, Howard Hughes, the host is a scouser with a voice a lot of you will instinctively recognise do to his many gigs on TV & News reading on London Radio. I have yet to miss an episode since 2009 & look forward to his show every week.

The Unexplained website has links to all shows or you can find Howard on iTunes Podcast app, Stitcher Radio app, Overcast or Pocketcasts apps.

The episode I’m sharing for you to enjoy, is the astonishing David Icke. His opinions & views on the current state of the world will blow your socks clean off & is compulsive listening.



Please visit Howard’s site by clicking on David Icke here

Please Enjoy & Thankyou Howard for all that you do.



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