The Best Buffet on Property

The best buffet on property has got to be Trails End Restaurant.

This is the best value for buffets on property and there is plenty of down home fixings to cover any cravings you might have. This restaurant is located in the Fort Wilderness resort next to the Hoop de doo revue. They serve a breakfast and dinner buffet and a lunch a la carte. In fact you can find a lot of the very same foods that they serve at the Hoop de do revue without having to go to the show, not that the show is bad but sometimes you can’t make it to the show. They serve drinks in mason jars and have steal plates. There is plenty of mouth watering food to choose from. They have an array of salads to choose from. They also have homemade hearty cowboy chili and soup, plus thick cornbread with sweet butter and biscuits. The meat selection is very satisfying. They have a carving station, to-die-for crispy fried chicken, succulent bbq ribs, pizza, cheesy mac and cheese, creamy home style mashed potatoes, baked beans and an array of desserts including cobbler, plus I heard tale that you can even ask for strawberry shortcake which is the same they serve next door at the Hoop de doo. I’ve even order to go meals, which they accept the dinning plan and use a table service. When I order to go it was very easy. I order at the kiosk and they handed me a pager and I waited for my pager to go off and then once I received my food headed to the picnic table on the gorgeous wrap around front porch. I ate while people watching and listening to the southern music that enhanced the entire experience. If your looking to have a good meal full of fun for your family, then try Trails End restaurant, you will be very satisfied.

Value 10
Service 8
Food Selection 8 (great selection but doesn’t have as many options as some other buffets)
DisAfterDark Grand Total: 26


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