Podcast of the Week

Podcast of the Week


The Unofficial Universal

Orlando Podcast

Podcast of the Week

Happy New Year to all 4 of our wonderful, slightly simple, listeners. In the spirit of cross promotion & podcast discovery I’m trying to spread a bit of Podcast Love. How long will it last? I don’t know! But the rules are very simple, I listen to a lot of Podcasts & not all of them are Disney (there’s more to life). Every week, I plan to share a link to a Podcast Episode that I really enjoyed, now that could be 1 podcast 4 weeks running or it might not, anyway, I’ve rambled too long.



This weeks podcast is The Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast. It’s their 1st episode of the new year (week ending 9/1/16) & is show number 177. It’s a nothing episode, it doesn’t do much but share a few news stories & read out a few listener emails. It’s the way they do it that makes it magical. Lee & Tracey are husband & wife, Hunter & Darren aren’t but the natural chemistry & genuine Love that comes through, draws you into their family. You feel like you are literally sitting there with them, sharing a tea & talking all about Universal Orlando.

This year not only will they celebrate 200 shows but also 5 years & that’s amazing. Please follow @uuopodcast on Twitter & tell them you Love them

Craig’s Podcast Rating 9/10

Craig’s Episode Rating 8/10

Total 17/20




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